Not only can replacing your windows help add resale value to your home, but it can also keep your energy costs down and protect your belongings inside. At Rob Sherlock Roofing, our licensed and insured technicians can help you choose the right windows and complete the installation using the latest techniques. We focus on full home window replacements.

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There are many options to weigh when choosing new windows for your home. Here are just a few of the options to consider when making the decision to replace your residential windows.

  • Sliding vs. Casement: Not unlike a sliding glass door, sliding windows open by sliding one section of glass over the other. They are generally placed on walls with lower ceiling heights since they take up less vertical space. Conversely, casement windows open by cranking outward. They are extremely secure and an ideal option for windows over sinks or in bathrooms.
  • Double-hung vs. Single-hung: The main difference between these two styles of windows is that single-hung windows only open on one side, while double-hung ones can slide open from both sides. In both cases, you can pull the windowpanes inward to clean the glass.
  • Bay vs. Bow: Bay windows feature the classic architectural style you know and love, and will bump out your space to create a custom seating or shelf area in your home. Similarly, bow windows also project outward, but they use rounded windows to create a circular shape common in older homes.


In addition to considering the different styles of windows available, you will also want to choose windows with features that can improve the comfort and functionality of your home. For example, UV protective films will help protect your belongings by preventing the fading of textiles, rugs, furniture, and artwork. New windows can improve the exterior look of your home, while also reducing noise inside to help you sleep soundly at night. If you are ready to replace your windows, contact our team at Rob Sherlock Roofing to learn how our family-owned business can help you add resale value to your home. Get started by viewing our completed projects and giving us a call at 845-316-2158 to schedule your free estimate.